Venus returns to Libra…Relief!

Hi Angelique!

I am so excited to share with you!  I know we are supposed to connect on the phone to talk about the horses in Bahia, but I just could not wait to write you about the strong shift in force I have felt since Venus returned to Libra in her retrograde.

Before I get to the juicy part, I want to touch on the Astronomy of this event.  We all know that Venus was in Sagittarius when it went into retrograde a couple of weeks ago.  In the normal, or what we call the direct, motion of a planet through the Zodiac an observer from earth will see the planet moving across the field of stars in the firmament through the course of the year in the order of the zodiac.

If we look to the east on the equator at dawn on the first day of spring, we will see Aries rising, the next sign to rise after Aries will be Taurus, and on through Gemini and the rest of the zodiac.  If we were to turn and face to the west, we would see the opposite sign, Libra, setting.  This is the daily motion of the stars we observe as the earth rotates.  The stars are fixed relative to each other in the sky, they simply appear to go around the earth as we rotate.

The Sun moves across the field of stars as the earth revolves around it.  Each month, it moves across one zodiac sign from west to east.  Right now, the sun is in Libra, so at noon both Libra and the Sun will be overhead.  One month later, the Sun will be overhead at noon in Scorpio, and Libra will be one sign closer to the western horizon.  Thus the sun over the course of the year appears to move from west to east across the backdrop of the field of stars.

The Sun never goes into retrograde, because we are revolving around it.  This is a relatively simple motion.  The planets, on the other hand are rotating around the sun at the same time we are, and so because of this, they periodically enter retrograde, which means they then move from east to west across the field of stars.  So just the other day, it retrograde motion, Venus moved from Scorpio, toward the west, into Libra, which is where she came into conjunction with the Sun.  Interestingly, only Venus and Mercury can either be between the Earth and the Sun, or on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth, when they are in conjunction with the sun.  This is because these are the only two planets that are closer to the Sun than we are.  Jupiter, for instance, can never be between the Earth and the Sun.  Venus on the other hand, can never be overhead at midnight.

At the end of the summer, when the Sun was in Leo and Venus was in Libra, we would see the sun set, and Venus would shine brilliantly in the night sky about 60 degrees above the horizon.  Venus moved into Sagittarius as the sun entered Virgo, and now that the Sun has entered Libra, Venus has moved in retrograde motion back into Libra and is now conjunct the Sun.  Venus will emerge from behind the Sun in a month or two, but instead of being visible in the evening sky, it will next be visible in the morning sky.  This is why Venus is often called the Morning Star or the Evening Star.  This beautiful dance always blows my mind.

I think that is super cool Astronomy and I hope you like it too.

And so now for the energetic feelings I am experiencing around this.  When Venus turned retrograde in Scorpio, all kinds of lurking devils inside of relationships were provoked.  I felt long standing differences rising to the surface and demanding resolution.  I felt shifts an upgrades in some relationships, and I saw the termination of other relationships that were no longer serving.  I felt this as an intensely uncomfortable energy, and I had to do a lot of work in meditation, prayer, and mindfulness to keep myself from being overwhelmed with this shaking energy.

And now that Venus has returned to Libra, I feel huge relief.  I am no longer feeling so attached to what other people are thinking or saying.  I am able to find my interior refuge and understand that everyone is going through their struggles, and it is in my best interest not to take personally the bumps and bruises that come from this.  I am enjoying the feeling of resolving tensions within myself coupled with a feeling of confidence that this internal harmony will be reflected in my external experience.  So Venus’s return to Libra is a HUGE relief.  I hope you feel this too!

I am going to go and do some reading about what other Astrologers have to say about Venus returning to Libra in it’s retrograde motion.

So my dear friend, thank you so much for reading and I look forward in anticipation to your thoughts about this.


Peace Love Forgiveness




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