My Musings on this Retrograde Season

Dear Spencer, 

writingHope all of the preparations for your upcoming trip to Bahía are going as smoothly as possible! I’m truly anticipating the arrival of you and Stephanie here! I have most of the açaí preparations complete, just a few more finishing touches. 😉

I enjoyed your last post and learned quite a bit.  I appreciate seeing the way our innately masculine and feminine brains function in different ways. 

Your analytical side, studying the mathematics and discovering the perfection in astrology; it’s tangible side. (Something that didn’t even cross my mind to look into.)  And how this exactly mirrors what I am learning through my intuitive interpretations and studies. 

How we are discovering the deeply profound aspects of the planetary alignments in our own unique ways.  And through this, are able to learn something more whole and encompassing than if we were going at this alone. 

 Through our recent studies we’ve discovered that we’re currently in the thick of Venus Retrograde.  She’s stirring up unfinished business in all of our relations and the repeating patterns within them which are ready to be transformed. A time of a great rebirth of our hearts.

And through Llewellyn’s 2018 Astrological Pocket Planner, I discovered that we have another retrograde in the mix.  On Oct. 11 (last Thursday) the Asteroid Juno went Retrograde and will remain so until Dec. 23rd.  Juno represents our ability to maintain meaningful relationships. Uses the feminine, receptive energy to maintain relations, and heightens both awareness and sensitivity to the other.

While Venus shows us what, where and who we’re innately pulled to, Juno guides us to how we face issues of compatibility, relationship commitments, openness to others, trust, jealousy as well as power struggles. 

Juno in Retrograde is known to bring difficulties in verbal misunderstandings, travel delays, and different frustrations which arise within relating to others.

Spencer, through the retrogrades of Venus and Juno, I am realizing that all of humanity is in an innately deep study of relationships; the way each individual relates to the world, their inner selves, business partnerships, friendships and romantic partnerships, whether currently manifested or not.  And that we are experiencing a time of deep transformation.

Learning to surrender to the profound currents which run through us.  Noticing the signs that arise, the things for us to work on at a very deep level.  Allowing love to remain the primary focus and the striving towards every action, every thought, every movement with this purity as the guiding force.

I see this in the way a mom loves and cares for her child. Giving everything to them. From the depths of their heart. The way this transforms a person and a new outlook and meaning of life is realized.

I believe as each individual improves their own inner relationships, we are collectively building a solid platform to successfully work together on improving our ever increasing global predicaments. So here’s to choosing to place one foot in front of the other and give life our best shot. To union, harmony, and verdadeiro amor (true love)!  


Angelique Marie 

One thought on “My Musings on this Retrograde Season

  1. Angelique… I just reread this post and looking back I really see how the Juno energy you predicted has played out. This is such a cool benefit of writing these things down, because it creates a record we can refer to to see how the guidance plays out. Amazing!


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