Venus Retrograde in Scorpio + New Moon in Libra, Oh My!

Dear Spencer, 

All I am writing to you now is inspired by your previous question on insight into Venus Retrograde  (which began on October 5th and lasts until November 15th). As well as tonight’s transition into the New Moon in Libra (8:47pm Eastern Time).  Plus a synchronistic tarot card I pulled today that is ruled by Venus in Libra; both magically and synchronistically tied together! 

Venus is the ruler of the heart and relationships; a symbol of the Divine feminine, encouraging us to build relationships and discover the beauty that is all around us. She represents the ability to connect with another human being through love and friendship. Venus retrogrades the least of all of the planets, so we tend to feel this one the strongest. During this time we are likely to face unfinished business in our lives related to past loves, old friends or repeating patterns within our relations.

Venus is currently retrograde in Scorpio until Oct. 31st. Scorpio rules transformation and uncovering the deeper, hidden depths of the soul, matters of the heart.  Can be a rather intense time, so lets buckle our seat belts! 

On Oct 31st, Venus transitions to retrograde in Libra through November 15th.              Libra is ‘all about relationships,’ represents a dynamic balance, is compromising, the joy of expression, is perceptive..  And this is where we will have the final outcome, resolution of this transit.   

The next 40 days will certainly not be easy but we will come out of it prepared for right-partnerships in our life endeavors, whether it be romantic, business, friendship, etc.

Within this Venus Retrograde (currently in Scorpio), we prepare to move into a New Moon in Libra later this evening.  It’s very important to remember to be loving and patient with ourselves.  Taking time to connect deeply with our soul.  For self-love is the key to successful partnerships and collaborations with others. 

This New Moon sweeps in like a breath of fresh air, both softening and strengthening our relationships with-in the challenges that Venus in Retrograde is bringing to the table.  Giving us the courage and sweetness to speak our raw truth in total love.  

This new moon brings a time for deep internal reflections, releasing and acknowledging what we hold inside of our hearts and through this, a beautiful opportunity to connect with our own unique rhythm. 

There’s a sense of magic in the air, something greater than us holding it all together.  An opportunity to trust in our process, connect with out intuition, speak our truth with bold love, trust in the perfection of the unknown and ultimately in what is unfolding before us. 

I am currently experiencing all of this on a deep, foundational level.  There has been a lot of movement for people I am dearly connected to.  I have been pulled to help balance the energies + workload and at the same time was preparing for my own moon cycle (one of the strongest I’ve had in years!) 

Today is the first day since I’ve arrived in Bahía, that I’ve naturally had the whole day just to myself! I personally believe this is a gift from the sweet and balancing New Moon in Libra energy. I’m also on the second day of my moon cycle, and feel everything is finally settling into place, for the time being.. 😉  A true gift from the Divine. 

This morning I pulled a card to represent the energy of my day from the Mother Peace Tarot Deck by Vicki Noble. The card I chose was one of the Major cards and is in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus (connected to Venus Retrograde and the New Moon in Libra!), called Judgement: Healing the Earth. 

Judgement.JPG“The Judgement shows true healing.. a transformation that liberates. There has been a big change, and out of it, some decision has been made for the better. The higher Self has intervened in the personality life. There is an effort to initiate change and transformation, to bring in the powers of the feminine, to heal the world!” 

So Spencer, with-in the turmoil, the unknown, the deep shifts and changes, true magic and deep healing is occurring on a very real level. Thank you for your last blog post, and sharing what you are experiencing.  I am thankful for your insights and sense a beautiful depth to your current experiences.  I am sending lots of love, solidarity and support.  And very much look forward to your visit in 10 days, it will be here before we know it. 

Heres to making the most of what life brings our way! 

In love and deep respect, 

Angelique Marie

P.S. I went to a farmers market this weekend and bought fresh, frozen açaí!

P.P.S.  One of our dear friends shared with me that he knows someone who personally prepares and sales local fresh frozen açái. (Looks like our açaí adventures will commence upon your arrival!)

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