Polarizing Energy of Shiva and Venus Retrograde

Dear Angelique,

Thanks for writing back so fast!  I have had quite a week back here in Miami, and I have to say I am really looking forward to coming down to Bahia in about ten days.  I love the pictures you shared of the horses, and I can’t wait to take a ride.

There is a very strongly polarizing force in the air right now, and this force is stressing structures and relationships.  It is breaking old bonds that have held together for some time, so that things can be released to allow for new growth.  I think of it this way.  Imagine two trees tied together to support each other when they were young, that grow at different rates and different directions.  As time goes on, tension builds up in the bonds between them.  The bond needs to be released so they can readjust to accommodate growth.

The same is true for relationships and business and social structures.  People might come together to form a band when just learning their instruments, and then as they grow and develop, they may start to see they have different musical visions, and sometimes the band needs to break apart to allow people to grow in their individual directions.

This is happening all around us right now.  These stresses on the structures that make the foundation of our lives can be very stressful.  We have to recognize that they are for our own good and necessary for our growth.  Most importantly, we have to take responsibility and not blame others.  We have to be honest about what we truly want instead of blaming someone else for wanting something different.

There is often pain and disappointment at these times, but if we let go and really desire every individual to have freedom, we can navigate these passages with harmony and faith. It is a time to be slow to take offense and quick to forgive.  It’s a time to defer to harmony instead of getting our way, and a time to really know what is important to us, and not form new relationships that perpetuate the same problems.

All these forces are coming up right now as Venus goes into Retrograde.  I would really like to see some opinions about that, and I’m going to research the Astrological literature about Venus retrograde to see how this relates to the energy I am actually experiencing.

A new song came to me, and it has this last line Angelique “Down by the Waterfall, that’s where you will find me, down by the waterfall, with the hummingbird”  Which to me is that the refuge is peace and the waterfall is in the heart.

with much love,


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