Moon in Cancer 🐎

me and don

Dear Spencer,

Thank you for your last letter and all that you shared.  I love hearing from you and how well you are correlating the planetary alignments with what is occurring in your personal life! 

I’m feeling much gratitude for my life here and all that I am experiencing. I love living in nature, connected to her rhythms, allowing her intuition to move through me.  For this opportunity to slow down internally and the profound ability to hear my inner voice more clearly.

I am learning how to set boundaries for myself with love, which has not been my greatest strength in the past. I feel deeply calm and truly happy.  As if the Sun is radiating from my heart chakra, healing past pains and tensions, releasing traumas and teaching me that everything is wonderful and OK! I am safe to be me, to express myself and believe 100% in who I am.  To share this love with those around me and live connected to this higher truth.  

I recently learned that the moon shifts into a different astrological signs every 2.5 days. With this new realization, I’ve begun to pay attention to which astrological sign the moon is in. Noticing how my emotions and thoughts shift with each transition.

Two days ago the moon transitioned from Gemini to Cancer.  While the moon was in Gemini, I noticed I was having a hard time making decisions. Seeing all sides of situations and going back and forth on where I stood on things.  I was feeling rather tired and could not seem to fully wake up! 

I unconsciously and naturally went for my first horse ride in Bahía at the exact time the Moon transitioned into Cancer! Cancer represents harmony, love of people, sees values in others feelings, is nurturing, and desires to bring out the whole, the good of everything. 

The horse ride was amazing, a game changer for me!  I was surprised at how well the ride went and how well the horse rode.  I felt my mind calming down, my body waking up, felt connected to all of nature around me, and this deep inner joy arising. As if I was finally able to take a long anticipated sigh of relief!  

Horses have always brought me a deep sense of love and well-being, helping to open both my heart and mind to the truth of things.  And as the moon naturally transitioned into Cancer, its powers of harmony and love guided me to intuitively go for a ride right then and there!

I am thankful beyond words for this opportunity to study astrology, to connect with horses (one of the greatest loves of my life!), and to have this time to truly connect with my mission. I continue to receive affirmations on the perfection of astrology and how deep of a role it plays in our lives. I am so excited for the continuation of this process and all that is to come through this! 

As I am closing this letter to you, it has begun to rain for the first time since I’ve arrived here. I feel rain deeply cleanses and renews us.  Not only nourishing the plants but also our souls. Releasing any stagnation and brings an opportunity for a fresh start!

So here’s to new beginnings, to living our life to its fullest, basking in all its glory and giving thanks for this beautiful journey we are all on together! 

With love and deep gratitude, 

Angelique Marie 

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