Mercury sextile Saturn

bahia beach

Dear Spencer and Hello World! 

I am writing to you from Bahía, Brasil!  The birds are chirping, happily greeting the day. The sun is shining bright, illuminating the ocean in the background and the pure beauty of nature which surrounds me. 

I woke up early today to take a few moments to myself.  In order to express, to understand where I am, what I am truly feeling and to share this with you. ❤ 

Wow, today feels glorious, new and inviting.  For this I am thankful.  The past few weeks have been quite the ride, feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster.  Preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. My whole life has been changing and shifting.  Uprooting and moving to a new country, for at least a few months.  The future is uncertain, unknown.  Although this is always the case, no matter what is going on in life, I’m feeling the truth of this on a very real level at this time.  

I am dedicated to discovering the true mission which is unfolding before me. I am committed to following through and understanding that shifts, realizations, transformations and clarity do not necessarily happen overnight. I am feeling the strong call to truly ground and calm my mind. To listen for the guidance and take one firm step at a time. So that the things I create are solid and carry on into the future in the best ways possible. 

For one, this blog means a lot to me. I feel it is a platform that will both encourage and hold me accountable to express what I am learning from my experiences here. Now that I have landed in Bahía, I am finding the spaciousness to meditate on our blogs purpose and to truly write from my heart.
On another note, I truly value you Spencer and am interested in what you are learning on your journey. I feel much gratitude for the space our blog holds in the continuation and deepening of our friendship!

One of the main themes and inspirations for Pen Pals Across the Universe is astrology.  How it relates to my life and discover the correlations with yours. To find what we are similarly experiencing, though we are mainly living in different countries, different universes. 

As I am a budding astrology student, my current knowledge of the planets and how they affect my life is limited.  At times I honestly feel a little intimated and am not sure how to express what I am learning on here.  Yet, I am feeling a new sense of courage to give it a go! 

So, I looked up my astrological aspects for today and I see there is a reason for my openness to dive in due to the alignment of the planets. (Exactly one of the many reasons I am stoked to study astrology!) 

Mercury sextile Saturn: A favorable time for Communication.

Long Hours, Thinking Hard: The urge to think seriously and soberly is strong now. You can’t be bothered with anything fluffy, silly or amusing. Time is of the essence, you feel, and you don’t want to waste your efforts on activities that aren’t practical or productive. They’re going to love you at work, because your discerning and analytical methods, not to mention your discipline and long hours, will produce valuable results. You’re organized, efficient and clear-headed. Your output is logical and well thought out. Planning is your forte right now, so take this opportunity to scope out future projects, develop task lists and determine if the plan is viable.” (

I am feeling more clarity today than I have in quite a while.  A strong energy to focus on my work, the details and the best ways to move forward.  I am intrigued at how the planets are miraculously aligned for clarity and clear communication, just as I am naturally grounding in Bahía. 

The world is a giant, miraculous mystery. I feel we are merely beautiful puppets within this great universe.  And if aligned with the stars, with our inner selves, we are naturally in tune with the rhythms of life, our destiny.  

As I was feeling resistance and the inability to write over the past few weeks, I can’t help but relate this with the astrological alignment. That what I was personally experiencing was a time to prepare for a great transformation in my life.  To physically, spiritually, and emotionally move from one location to another. To quite literally embark upon a new life and prepare for what is to come! 

My encouragement for you today, is to look into your personal astrological aspects (on the website I pasted above) and see how the planets are aligned in your life. How can you relate this to what you are currently experiencing?  I pray this brings a greater clarity to your heart, a deep sense of love and an overwhelming feeling of peace!

Be sweet and compassionate to yourself! 

With all of my Love,

Angelique Marie

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