Strong energy moving through

Dear Angelique,

I am learning a lot.  First thing, I should not wait for you to respond to write, and vice versa.  One of the things I really look forward to, and that I am already enjoying, is the opportunity to start writing more regularly.  I suppose I have always had the opportunity.  So what is this? Motivation? Desire? Purpose?  I’m not sure, but it makes it fun to write.

This very strong energy continues today.  A lot is happening.  As we have said before, things that started at the beginning of the cycle are coming to conclusion.  We are all having to make adjustments to new levels in our way of being.  This is causing some tension in personal relationships, and it is also causing me to experience a feeling of “making force.”  In Brasil, they have a saying that I like a lot… “Esforço mais eu nao faco” Which means literally more force I do not make.  To make force is the feeling of exerting energetic effort.  It’s the feeling of pushing we have inside when we are late and stuck in traffic.

So in the astrology, today in particular, I feel this energetic exertion, and I see results all around.  Even down to small things, like the replacement battery for a swatch watch I had been asked to repair arrived–check off a long term resident on my to do list.  It feels as though we are being called on to raise our level of effort to achieve results.

I was pondering what was going on in the astrology at this moment to see if I could find a connection, and something dawned on me.  Today is Yom Kippur, which is the day of atonement, and it falls exactly ten days after Rosh Hashanah, which always falls on the New Moon.  At first I thought simply that Yom Kippur was about 5/7ths of the way to a full moon, so a little less than three quarters full.  And then it dawned on me that Rosh Hashanah does not fall on just any New Moon, it falls on the New Moon of Virgo, and so every year on Yom Kippur the moon is in… Oh wow, I literally just looked it up this very second, the moon was in Capricorn for the full day of Yom Kippur and the last couple days back to the 17th.  My personal Moon is Capricorn.

Ok so that has to be a little confirmation right? I will take it as such.  So two things are going on.  Uranus has moved into Taurus and the Yom Kippur Moon in Capricorn is focusing this intense energy on us now.

So what to do to navigate this intense energy?  One key that has helped me navigate this has been to recharge at home.  Sharing loving energy in close relationships has restored my good feelings and charged my batteries.  Staying home instead of going out has been good for me.  I suggest we all go outside barefoot and marvel at the wandering planets that are still visible in the evening sky, reminding us of their shine in mid-summer July when so many plans that are now complete were just being born.

It is funny to me, that I am interested so in the astronomy of astrology, but as I connect to it more and more, I’m learning to explore my inner energy.  From there, I take the simple step of allowing that this vibrational pattern either comes from or is reflected in the firmament, and so then I attribute this to the astrology.  This examination of the conscience yields an understanding of the vibrational energy I am experiencing.  If we assume that is somewhat universal, then one person’s examination of these general energetic conditions might help someone else make more sense of their experience.

If it does not, then what I say here will simply not resonate with someone, and so that person will elect not to read this blog, which thank god is everyone’s right–no one is compelled to be here this is certain.  So then, those who resonate with this will be attracted, and will benefit at least to the extent that they will enjoy the fruits of self examination.

And so then this makes it seem that it could be valuable for us to learn to examine our inner energy, relate it to the stars, and then learn to make sense of our experience.  Mercury retrograde is such a perfect example of this.  When Mercury retrograde comes, I always feel it as soon as Mercury enters the shadow.  For me this feeling is palpable.  And so for the next several weeks, I accept that whatever happens happens.  I keep a good book with me during Mercury retrograde.  That way an unexpected wait at an airport becomes an enjoyable gift of reading time.  It’s the only way to navigate Mercury retrograde right?

So at this moment I feel an energy of this exertion of effort.  I also see things coming to completion.  And so to me this feels like we are shifting into another stage.  Perhaps this is what it feels like when Uranus shifts from one sign to the next as it did in August.  There’s another question I have.  How long does that take?  It’s the next one out from Saturn, so that means it’s got to be more than two and a half years in each sign.  It just changed, so maybe that is why there has been such a strong shift.

So anyway.  I hope you enjoy this.  It really is a letter.  Mark Twain said something to the effect that I’m sorry it was so long, I did not have time to write a short one.

Peace Love Forgiveness


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