Mars Square Uranus

Dear Angelique,

Thank you so much for the super sweet letter.  I’m pretty stoked about this too.  I was thinking a little bit today about writing letters to you knowing that they are open to anyone who cares to read them.  Anyone who chooses to seek this out, for whatever reason, is part of the audience, right?  Like, isn’t that the whole idea of a blog?  So then anyone who wants to be part of this audience is an Angelique, and so I would like to encourage comments to create a more broad conversation.

Especially today, because I have a question.  I was with a friend last night and he asked me if I know about Astrology.  I told him that I’m interested in it.  Then he asked me if there was something big happening at the moment.  He said he felt a powerful and disruptive force coming and it felt Astrological.  And so this morning I turned on my google to investigate what was going on.

I learned that Mars is Square Uranus, and that both of these planets changed signs at close to the same time (Mars from Capricorn to Aquarius after ending its retrograde, and Uranus from Taurus to Aries).  It looks like the there is a lot in the Astrology Press about the power of this interplay.

I have always been more comfortable in the observable realm.  I like to know where the planets are in the night sky, what time the moon will rise.  I felt super connected when I went out to see Mars the other night and then learned that it was on that very day moving from Capricorn to Aquarius.  I enjoy gazing up into the firmament, and I do feel in my inner spiritual vibration the energy coming from our neighbor.

The planets seem so very far away, and their physical effects seem so minute.  But in the infinity of space, is there any larger force than that exerted by our material neighbors?  Can the force of a planet remaining stationary for a moment as it shifts its direction cause a few changes in the quantum state of our consciousness? If the planets can affect our consciousness, then isn’t that the same thing as affecting our experience of the world we live in?  And from there it’s a very short leap to understand how years and years and centuries and centuries of people observing and recording their experience of the effects of Astrological events, to understanding how this experience can guide us in our present day lives.

And so these stories we tell about the effects of planets and their alignments create such a beautiful sense of wonder, so that when I do get to gaze into the sky, I feel connected, and it makes me want to stay for a few minutes longer.

And so my question…and request for comments, what does this mean, from the vast experience of Astrology?  This squaring of the paring of Mars and Uranus.  And does that not sound painful?  Mars is square Uranus?

I can’t wait to see what you have to share about that!

Peace Love Forgiveness,




One thought on “Mars Square Uranus

  1. I love this blog post! Thank you for the questions you posed and your personal interpretation of what is going on astrologically. Truly connected and tuned-in!

    In response to your question: What does this mean, from the vast experience of Astrology? This squaring of the paring of Mars and Uranus. And does that not sound painful? Mars is square Uranus?

    It does sound a little painful to me and I am feeling this too. Yet, I know this pain or discomfort is the catalyst for growth.

    I researched the meaning of Mars Square Uranus and discovered it’s theme is Thunder and Lightening. A time where things are literally blowing up. Anything that we have put up within our lives for too long suddenly becomes intolerable. Our fuses are short. The energy is detached, abrupt. With a sense of not caring what others think. The advice is to stay away from others as much as possible. (Oh my!)

    And boy, have I been feeling this over the past few days. Wishing to be alone and quiet. Feeling a certain wave of intensity + feelings of anxiety. As if things are changing/ shifting and I feel called to really study what I am experiencing within myself. Without projecting this onto outer circumstances.

    Luckily, this too shall pass! So lets hold on tight, remember how blessed we are and give thanks for all of the gifts this current transit brings. I am so thankful for the planets and the different lessons they bring into our lives even when we are not consciously asking for it!



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