Happy Birthday Angelique

Dear Angelique,

Happy Birthday to you dear sister and friend!  It seems there are so many ways we celebrate birthdays through all the connections we have on the internet.  This is the first time I ever got to say Happy Birthday to my PenPal on a blog.

I thought about you this morning as I made an Açaí bowl.  (Angelique and I often share time together by going for an Açaí bowl, and we have been perfecting our own recipe).  Remember earlier in the week when we walked into Coconut Grove to get one at our favorite spot?  That was fun.

So today I had a realization about Açaí bowls that I would like to share with you.  Sometimes the àcaí in the blender makes an air pocket so the blade spins without making any contact with the contents of the blender.  I thought the Acaí was too thick, and so I typically add more liquid like almond milk or coconut water.  But today I realized that it is not to thick, it is too COLD!  The frozen mango with rozen banana with the frozen açaí pack all go in the blender at zero degrees, and so it freezes in the blender.

So today I had the bright idea of thawing out the açaí packet in hot water before making my breakfast, and the açaí turned into pure liquid!  It is not really very thick at all, and so there really is no need to add any extra liquid.  I also used a modest amount of banana.  (Sometimes restaurants put way to much banana and other fruit in the blended mixture, making a purple banana bowl).  I also used two packages of açaí instead of one, and realized this is why so many inferior açaí bowls add so many other ingredients–to save money on açaí.  But here in my kitchen, the whole point is to eat the açaí itself.

So my recipe was two completely thawed packages of pure açaí, 1/4 cup banana and 1/2 cup frozen mango blended together until smooth.  Then to this, in the bowl, I added two table spoons of farinha (from Cruzeiro to Sul, Acre, Brazil–recognized by afficionados as the best farinha in the world), a small handful of crushed pecans, two table spoons of my favorite granola, and three sliced strawberries.

This recipe makes a nice tart açaí bowl with some good crunch and excellent texture.  I even took a picture, which I am going to try to figure out how to post.

Anyway, I hope you are having a super happy birthday with your family today. Everyone here in Miami loves you and misses you.  I can’t wait to show you the new recipe.

Peace, Love, Forgiveness


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