And the Journey Begins! 🍃


Dear Spencer,

I’m so excited to begin this journey with you!

I’m writing to you on a big day for me. For it’s not only my birthday, but also my Dad and my Dad’s brother, my Uncle Eddie. My Uncle Eddie passed away 2 years ago.  He was an inspiration to us all and always supported my adventurous spirit and the journey’s in which it took me on. I can feel his presence here with me now as I share this with you!

Today I am embarking upon a year-long deep dive into astrology, where I will study the planets and journal how I relate to them within myself. And Pen Pals Across the Universe, is a platform for you and I to share our unique understandings of the planetary alignments. Giving our readers both a masculine and feminine perspective.  As well as a platform to share from our hearts what we are learning from this wild journey of life we are on!

I believe our journey began about 6 months ago.  Around the time when I first moved to Miami and we spontaneously began having our weekly açãi bowls together!  Through our love for açãi we discovered a true friendship! I felt safe to express myself and to just be me. I also learned more of who you are, your dreams, your aspirations, the purity you embody, how you strive for the good and are dedicated to bringing light into this world.

I discovered how good of a listener you are, how  connected you are to the universal broadcast channel! How you feel true guidance and follow through on it.  I have the honor to witness and personally experience the amazing  projects that you help bring to life!

As you know, I am soon embarking upon a 3 month journey to Brazil.  Graças a Deus we will be together for a small part of it.   But mostly we will be in different locations, different countries, different universes 😉 Due to this we will not be able to have our weekly açãi rendezvous’s, YET we now have just as beautiful a gift.  The true gift of OUR BLOG!

I feel deep in my heart, that the bonds of our friendship are going to grow even deeper.  For we will have an opportunity to write and express ourselves in a new light.  I look forward to learning about the planets/astrology and relating them to our lives! Also discovering the similar parallels and life lessons we experience regardless of our physical locations.

So today I would like to thank you for believing in me. For giving me the opportunity to spread my wings, follow my dreams and discover my true mission.  I’ve learned so much through knowing you, and can hardly believe this is just the beginning!

No matter the distance, we will be connected in our hearts, in our spirits and in our words!

many blessings to you my dear friend,

Angelique Marie



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