Full Moon at 12:12 a.m. December 12

Hi Angelique! I hope you are feeling a big burst of energy from this full Moon! When you last wrote, it sounded like you were definitely feeling the effects of your dieta. At dinner tonight Stephanie and I spoke about the full Moon. I went over the the wall calendar and saw that the Full … Continue reading Full Moon at 12:12 a.m. December 12

The Flow of the Heart & the Power of the Moon

Dear Spence, Thank you for the reminder of writing freely from the heart without the need to fit a certain criteria. I’m just going to write freely and see what comes through my fingertips. I have so much that I would like to say and at the same time feeling the block due to the … Continue reading The Flow of the Heart & the Power of the Moon

Sun conjunct Natal Sun—-Happy Birthday

Dear Angelique, I am sitting here on this crisp late autumn day in one of your old haunts—Austin, Texas. As you know, today is the day of the Virgin of Conception, and yesterday was the birthday of your Brazilian friend and my son Charlie. Before I called Charlie yesterday, I went to read something from … Continue reading Sun conjunct Natal Sun—-Happy Birthday

New Freedom from the Stars!

Dear Angelique... I had such a great realization after our concentration session last night. I was getting ready for bed and I was thinking about writing, and I realized that I have been really blocked in writing here because of my concern for the audience that I am writing for. I realize that I have … Continue reading New Freedom from the Stars!

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon and the end of a Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Angelique-EE Here I am sitting by the beach in Eleuthera after a big family reunion. Stephanie and I fly back to Miami today with Tata and Wylie and George, so these are the last moments of this great family reunion. My Blue Toe is starting to show signs of age, and it will be … Continue reading Venus, Jupiter and the Moon and the end of a Happy Thanksgiving

Bahian Thoughts

Dear Spencer,  I drove into Serra Grande to connect to Wifi at the one health food store we have in this little town.  I ate a vegan burger with vegan cheese made from chickpeas.  Followed by an açaí bowl for dessert. Soo good!! (They are also beginning to sell the vegan burgers frozen to take … Continue reading Bahian Thoughts