Full Moon in Aquarius <3

Dear Spencie,  Thought to share a little write up about the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius! Its truly so special to connect the moon phase, astrological sign, and personal life processes. Seeing how connected and truly natural the process is. Sending love from a cold, windy, and somewhat rainy day in Bahia! Love, Angeliquee http://www.markdphotos.com/shop&nbsp; … Continue reading Full Moon in Aquarius ❤

Lua Cheia~ Escorpião 🦂🌕

Dearest Spencer!! I was pleasantly surprised and happy to receive a notification sharing that you posted on our blog! Funny thing is, yesterday I planned to share one as well, which is exactly connected with the Full Moon in Scorpio and the arrival of both you and Stephanie. Oh my goodness, I am so excited. … Continue reading Lua Cheia~ Escorpião 🦂🌕

New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

Dear Angelique, Today I want to write you about a powerful process of transformation that has come with the movement into 2021 and the new Era marked by the Powerful Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will occur on December 21. We have a real opportunity to consciously choose what we want to bring with … Continue reading New Year 2021 – Making a “Yes” pile and a “No” Pile for the New Era

Welcome to the Nova Era–what will you put in the Arc?

Dear Angelique, I have been meaning to write you for such a long time! Do you ever fail to start something because you don't know when you are going to have time to finish? This letter is like that for me. I have so much I want to write before the Grand Conjunction on December … Continue reading Welcome to the Nova Era–what will you put in the Arc?

Our Ancestors Dreamed of Us

Dearest Spencer,  Reading your words brought great peace to my soul. Telluride seems like a magical place and I am so thankful you and Stephanie have found refuge there over the past few months. Boa Vista has been much that same refuge for me lately. Here, I find an opportunity to calm my mind. I … Continue reading Our Ancestors Dreamed of Us

Good bye Summer Good Bye Telluride

Dear Angelique, I got up early this morning because we are flying back from Telluride to Miami today. We spent most of the summer in the breathtaking mountains of Colorado, where we really felt embraced both by our mother Gaia and the open minded friendly communities that we have visited. Of all the places we … Continue reading Good bye Summer Good Bye Telluride

Mars Retrograde Intuited 💙

Dearest Spencer,  I went down a bit of a rabbit hole today within the current astrology. Connected a lot of dots and gained insight in to how to prepare for Mars turning Retrograde tomorrow.  The past three days have been extremely intense for me. I read somewhere that as Mars Retrograde is a big energy … Continue reading Mars Retrograde Intuited 💙